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"Needed a service call for a/c repair. Office called 1/2 hour before appt to remind us, and tech Adam arrived exactly on time. Diagnosed problem quickly and made repair efficiently. Impressed with service and attitude, and office followed up with a phone call the next day to check on service. Recommended business immediately to friend also needing service that day! (this was for our home on Lakeview Rd in Abilene, Texas)"

- Yvette W. Abilene, TX | Rated: 3 / 3 (via Yelp)

"AC was not blowing cold air. Originally called another company and they said the AC needed to be replaced. I called quality for a second opinion. They said the same thing. The difference was the customer service. Adam took me through what was wrong and gave us options. He was very friendly and patient and answered all questions. Nobody wants to hear they need a new AC unit but Quality Cooling and heating made it a painless experience. The installers were also great. They answered all questions and even opened up an air vent in our bedroom to allow more air. They stand behind their work and I would recommend them to anyone needing AC or heat work done."

- Stephen A. Lawn, TX | Rated: 3 / 3 (via Yelp)

"Great Company! Since moving to Abilene, I have found very few companies who run their businesses professionally and who provide great customer service. This company surpasses all expectations in both regards. They are friendly, courteous, and prompt. I can't say enough good things about the way they conduct their business. They went above and beyond to repair my air conditioner and I am very grateful."

- Local CustomerAbilene, TX | Rated: 3 / 3 (via CitySearch)

"They really took their time explaining the products and the process of installation to me, and I was very impressed and appreciative of their patience, honesty and knowledge."

- Cecilia W. Abilene, TX | Rated: 3 / 3

"I think Quality Cooling and Heating did a good job. I had them in to replace my old unit and to install brand new Tappan units. My new units work just great! I thought the installers were very professional, courteous and had a lot of information to provide about the product."

- Diana M. Abilene, TX | Rated: 3 / 3

" This company was fabulous! Not only did they get here quickly, just as promised! They also repaired my AC unit in under 30 min! Adam was professional, and even gave me some good pointers on maintenance that I can do myself! On a day that is 100° and a broken AC, I was glad to have called Quality AC, and have it fixed properly and FAST! Just like Adam said, " I'm good at what I do!" and he was 100% right! Thank you Quality AC!!!"

- Brenda B. Abilene, TX | Rated: 3 / 3

"Adam came out to the house to evaluate a 14yr old system in my home that was on its last leg. He spent about two hours looking and the system. He did a line by line break down of what he could do to get the system to run. The breakdown was not cost effective for a 14yr old system and I decided to get a new system installed. Adam was very professional, no pushy sales tactics, informative, and personal. The 2 man crew that was dispatched to my home was just as professional and stayed until the job was complete. Took about 13 hrs from start to finish, I dont think they even took a lunch."

- Robert A. Abilene, TX | Rated: 3 / 3

"I have been a client of Quality Cooling and Heating on and off ( I rented for a while) for 14 years. We had recently bought a home that we thought the air conditioner was okay in it. We were wrong. I called them on a Saturday morning and Adam Heiser was dispatched to figure out the problem. I needed a whole new system. He was very professional, polite and understanding of our problem. He had a temporary system put in till we could get our new system installed. We REALLY appreciated that due to the 100 degree temps. We had three very nice guys come to install our unit. They were also very polite, professional and informative. They explained everything to us and demonstrated the systems operations also. I was and still am VERY IMPRESSED with the service I receive everytime I call Quality. I STRONGLY recommend them to anyone having a heating or air conditioning problem or just need maintanace. They have NEVER let me down in any way. Adam Heiser is the best technician I have ever dealt with and I am glad he is with such a great company. Their employees go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. You can't ever go wrong with Adam or Quality Cooling and Heating!!!"

- Melinda M. Abilene, TX | Rated: 3 / 3

"We have used Quality Heating & Cooling for several years and have had excellent service each time we have needed them. We ran a Bed & Breakfast in our home for ten years and any time there was a problem with one of the units Quality was here quickly and our guests never suffered for lack of cooling or heating. Adam Heiser is a prime example of what every employee of any company should be. He has come to our rescue many times! Adam is polite and friendly and explains the problem and informs us of all our options. The recent hail storm destroyed one of our cars and did extensive damage to our home at the same time one of our A/C units shorted out! Adam was so nice in explaining the situation we felt more relieved than burdened. We have no doubts that we'll have cooling back in no time!"

- Robert W. Abilene, TX | Rated: 3 / 3

"Our EMS Service would just like to Thank and extend our gratitude to Quality Cooling & Heating employees, Adam, Tanner and Nick for providing such great service to our organization in replacing an a/c unit in our EMS Station that had stopped working and was well beyond it's average life span. Their professionalism was superior as they each went above and beyond in keeping our Station personnel well informed of each step of the installation process. Adam, Tanner and Nick stayed well after business hours to ensure the a/c unit was working efficiently and effectively. We appreciate the service extended to our service and will highly recommend you to others. "

- D. Kemper Abilene, TX | Rated: 3 / 3

"In the summer of 2015, the control board on my AC unit shorted out and caused the fan motor to run constantly, regardless of whether or not there was a signal being sent from the thermostat or not. This meant that we needed to fix the board or plug in/unplug the main power to the unit whenever we wanted it to run. The cost to replace the board was a bit high, but I did some research and discovered that their cost wasn't high because they had it unreasonably marked up. At the time, we couldn't afford to replace the control board, and given that it was the end of the summer, I knew that we could manage making it through the winter on our own devices (literally) using a Christmas light remote switch. We saved up through the winter and once the weather started warming up, we were able to afford the cost to replace the board. I called Quality to inform them that I was ready to have the board replaced, upon which they notified me that a new board would have to be ordered. Of course, I called WHEN the weather was hot instead of before, so I was kicking myself thinking it would probably be a good week before the part came in. To my delightful surprise, I received a call from Quality the next day telling me the board came in and asking when I would be ready for Tim (the technician) to come out. I punched out and headed home where Tim was ready and waiting. He opened up the unit and replaced the board within minutes. My exuberance was short-lived when Tim informed me that the (new) board was shot. He was very apologetic and I could tell that he was frustrated with the situation. He promptly went outside and called the shop to have them order a new component. After he closed everything up and plugged my makeshift "solution" back in, he told me that he would call me once the new board came in. Once again, I was kicking myself, figuring there was no way I would get "one-day shipping lucky" again, dreading the knot I would soon have in my back from sleeping on the couch. I had just made it to work when I received a call from Quality - that's right, the second board was in! I booked across town and made it to the house just before Tim pulled up, and in no time he had the new board installed and was running tests. I felt like God was punishing me after hearing Tim wearily explain that something wasn't right. He worked tirelessly, checking every wire to find out what was going on. He decided to plug in the only thermostat he had with him to see if there was an issue with mine. As it turned out, my (Nest) thermostat was no good. That in and of itself was discouraging enough to make me want to call it a day and cry myself to sleep. After he plugged in the new one and it began working perfectly, my mind began to remember the pain I felt at the register when I had purchased my Nest. I asked about the price of the thermostat he plugged in. At this point I entered a psychological battle that had me tallying all of my recent sins. The new thermostat was $320. The board wasn't what most would consider a back-breaker, but it was enough to make me want Tim to cook me dinner and wash my car before he left. I just couldn't afford to spend another $320, but we needed a thermostat. Tim recognized my distress and made the problem go away. I ended up spending not much more than originally expected, and although I didn't get dinner or a clean car, I got a big smile and another peaceful night in bed, next to my wife. He really saved me there. In my experience, although I have only had to deal with Quality a handful of times, they have far exceeded my expectations and their attentive service has solidified my faith in them. Some of their expenses may be higher than other similar companies in town, but to me the minor increase in cost is worth it. For my money, I am not only getting the services they employ, but I am also getting personal priority status. I'll happily and confidently continue to give my business to Quality, without a doubt. Thanks Tim!"

- Ryan L. Abilene, TX | Rated: 3 / 3

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